"A great community seeks excellence rather than size. It aims at full, well-proportioned life for its members, and vital relations with the wide world."
–Arthur E. Morgan
Defined Small, Local Communities - What are they? Where are they? Learn about the features of small, local communities. Read stories of small, local communities past and present.       Trends Feeling isolated?  Alienated?  Interested in intentional communities?  You're not alone - these trends are happening all around us.  Learn about them, and what you can do about them. 
Action Want to create change in your small local community?  Learn how to take action locally to start a community, change your community or reverse the effects of dwindling community spirit.  Learn how you can contribute.       Education Interested in learning about community?  Take "The Course" on the small, local community.  Want to integrate the study of small, local community into existing curricula?
Applied  Are neighborhoods, businesses and organizations the same as communities?  Learn the similarities and differences between small, local communities and other groups.  Learn what.htmlects of small, local communities can be applied to your group.       Mission Community Service, Inc. has been a champion for small sustainable communities and urban neighborhoods since its inception in 1940.  Learn about our mission and history, and how you can join!