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We envision a world consisting of small local communities - populated by vibrant active people living in harmony and peace with each other in a diverse, sustainable environment.

Our founder Arthur Morgan defined community as

an association of persons and families living in the same limited area who plan and work in unison to satisfy a substantial part of their common and varied needs and interests, and to sustain common standards, and among whom there is a considerable development of personal acquaintance and personal relations, and a feeling that they are sharing risks and opportunities.

We define small and local communities as consisting of a few thousand people living within an area of a few square miles.

We distinguish between the spirit of community and the place of community - the spirit referring to the type and quality of relationships between people in the community; and the place referring to the environment, buildings and facilities, laws and rules, etc.

Of the two, spirit is more important and, if suitably powerful and wise, will provide the benefits of small local community to any type of place or method of organization. However, we believe that the spirit of community cannot fully develop without face to face interactions on a daily basis with like minded people.


To increase the number of small local communities throughout the world.

We believe it is to the benefit of society and responsive to the yearnings of people to change the direction of societal development from mass urbanization to small local communities.

To increase the number of small local communities within existing urban areas

We believe that the values and skills of small local communities can be developed in neighborhoods within cities, bringing much of the value and many of the benefits of the small local community to urban areas.

To strengthen small local communities that exist.

We believe that current small local communities can be revitalized by providing the theories and practices of our organization to the people living in these communities.

To educate people about the value and benefits of small local community.

We believe that the current educational process is both unable and unwilling to teach the theories and practices of the small local community and we offer an alternate way of learning.

To design processes for moving society away from industrial urbanization and toward small local communities.

We believe that new processes can be designed and modeled for a major transition from the current unhealthy industrial urban environment to a wholesome environment of small local communities.

To raise awareness of the serious consequences for mankind as small communities decline.

We believe that the decline of small community and the increase in urbanization threatens the very existence of mankind by rapid resource depletion, increasing rates of inequity and increasing probability of using nuclear weapons.


Caring - to feel interest or concern about others

Sustainability - using resources so that they are not depleted or permanently damaged

Diversity - differing from one another and accepting the differences

Equity - justice according to natural law or right